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I do not actually know what kinds of leaves any of these are. I am an artist not a botanist. If by chance you actually do know each leaf by name do us all a favor and keep it to yourself. We have no time for such nonsense.

Here Be Da Leafs

All leaves featured here are pretty much tree leaves from local Indianapolis, Indiana trees or bushes. Collected at various stages throughout the year from my back yard and abroad.
Long ago I were writing in my journal when a large leaf fell and landed in my open book. My first instinct was to draw on it. When I was done I asked my soon to be wife to hold it up and I took her picture. Inn't it lovelymous. Leaf is cool to.
When my son was born it became kind of a hobby as I sat with the wee boy day after day. From There It spun into a green art form as my designs grew more intricate. Hope you like my tattooed leaves. They are in no particular order as far as when they were done.


All of these leaves were done in either sharpie or metallic 'sharpie like' markers and a variety of Gel Pen applications. Some used all three. The hardest part about doing any of these leaves was not poking the pen through the leaf while applying whatever decoration I was doing at the time.

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That's about all I have to be shown to you right now. never fear, there are over 150 more to go. I shall post more when time allows.