Presents Green Art 'Tattoo's On Rocks' by JestaFreak

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These rocks were all done free hand. You will see the difficulty on these when you consider that they are mostly all outlined in gel pen. Who would have thunk you could tattoo a rock? I ask ya.

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Here Be Da Rox
This project came from running out of leaves to draw on. I had used all the fresh leaves I had collected and was actually getting kind of bored doing leaves. So I moved my attentions to some rocks I had laying around. I do not think of this as Rock Painting but more Rock Tattooing. These rocks are very cool and all hand done in metallic and regular sharpie markers or with gel pens, or both. Some of these designs would be great to accentuate something like a Zen garden. They also look nice simply displayed in  boxes as seen below.


That's about all I have ready to be shown to you right now. I shall post more when I make new ones.

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