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NAME: Andrés Mogollón
D.O.B.: 09-29-67
LOC.: Indianoplace

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The Circle Jerkle Series
What follows is a bit of what I like to call Abstract Artistic Autism. I will get really zoned out with one picture and make continual alterations to that picture and spend hours at it. The next 12 colored pictures are the end product of one hand drawn B & W design. These were the best 12 of the bunch but I can easily redo them in any color.

The picture to the left is the one that started this whole entire mess. I drew this image in Paint Shop Pro using standard tools and then I drifted into the PhriQue Zone. This first picture will also be available in my coloring book project - which will one day be for sale here on this site.

You can download a gray scaled bitmap of the first one and color it yourself 
 Click Here Then save it to your PC.

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