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NAME: Andrés Mogollón
D.O.B.: 09-29-67
LOC.: Indianoplace

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I will write my own bio soon.


Being that I am the creator of this place it stands to reason that my own art   gallery might be a little more extensive then most. Hope that doesn't cause you grief, but them is the breaks.

YOUR INFO: Right about here you can write about anything thy little heart does desire. One should be warned that though colorful language is acceptable, we do need to try to maintain some sort of atmosphere. One might be asked to rephrase certain things in their profiles here at if they are deemed to be to far out from good taste. You may post your picture in the slot to the left or one of your artwork - It is up to you. You may also submit an icon to use to signify yourself in our gallery list.

Censorship: As far as your artwork goes we will not censor you with anything short of pornography. Please don't test us to define pornography, you will prolly lose. Nudity is fine in your work. We do not censure it because it is art and we feel that if someone might take offense that their child saw nude pictures on this site then it is there own fault for not watching what their child does on the internet. Please keep it artistic. No nudity just for the sake of nudity.

ARTWORK: Most member pages will be limited to house up to 20 pictures no larger than 100K each. We advise using our website branding on the image that you submit to us to discourage people from just downloading the image to their computers. We take steps to limit that activity but nothing is fool proof on the internet.

*** Please do not apply our brand to your original image. ***

You are allowed to brand your work yourself with your own name as long as you do not advertise some other website in your branding. We will allow you to link from your page here to your own website if you would like to do so - just not on the image branding.


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