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Andrés Mogollón
D.O.B.: 09-29-67
LOC.: Indianoplace
Tools: Pencils, Pens, Markers, Crayons, and Paint Shop Pro.

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I do not know if I follow any conventional artistic project guidelines but then again how much fun would I have if I did. I started getting into digital art sometime in 1999 to 2000. A friend of mine introduced me to paint shop pro and I began puttering with it and enjoying the things it let me do. Some of my older stuff can be found HERE on my JOKES website The Humor Cafe.

I began an idea some time around then to develop a Coloring Book that wasn't geared to keep children artistically hobbled with Cartoon and Disney characters. I used to house that section here but gave it it's own space as I plan to expand on that soon.

My Digi-Art addiction ramped up when I met the future Mrs. Freak in 2001. An artist herself she was thrilled when I introduced her to Paint Shop Pro. Like a fish to water took she to it, and we both began bouncing artwork off each other to see if the other could top the alterations.

Since that time my creations have become vastly more detailed and more time consuming. Slipping into what my wife and I call artistic autism I lose track of time as I create many different version of the selected image until I force myself to stop. You will see samples of that type of work below. Further below you will find images with links to individual project pages. Don't miss a single section as you might miss one you like in it's series.
Zen Garden - I created this image in the way back of time when I first started doing digital artwork. It was done in Paint shop pro and was originally meant to look like a Zen rock garden without any rocks in it, just lines in sand. I have this one without color though not yet added to the coloring book section.
Purple Worlds - I didn't start this set with the first image to the right but all the pics before it weren't that exciting. It is a standard Paint shop Pro creation with some plug in help.  I use Eye Candy 4K and Xenofex 1.1 to come up with some nice effex.

Other notable Art Projects would have to be my Leaf and Rock creations. I began tattooing Leaves in 2005 to amuse myself while taking care of my newborn son. I used sharpies and gel pens on them and began the same craft on rocks in 2006.

These two links below are cool projects. Prepare yourselves. There are lots of pictures to see.

Those  projects above are some of the cooler things I have ever done


 Below are a few things I have been working on more recently. I frequently will grab one picture and then see just how many versions of it I can come up with.

D'Stress - To the immediate right you will find a project named just for the peaceful feeling I got while working on it. I lost my original coloring book image So I had to deconstruct the first colored one to recover it. You may note very minor differences in appearance.
Glo Orbs - This set has a few more un-shown versions. It started with about 5 orbs and progressed to the image top left. The electrified images you will notice came after the image bottom left, as did the remaining three bottom images.. I was pretty happy with the way things went on all of these. All of these are Paint Shop Pro creations using plug-ins.

The Smashed Ash Collection - Named thus due to the original colors picked being all ashy versions of primary colors. This piece started with the black and white thing to the left and quickly grew into many different versions. As always a many number of them did not meet with my approval but I did get some nice pieces out of it all.

The Circle Jerkle Series - What follows is a bit of what I like to call Abstract Artistic Autism. I will get really zoned out with one picture and make continual alterations to that picture and spend hours at it. The image to the left is one of 12 colored pictures which are the end product of one hand drawn B & W design. These were the best 12 of the bunch but I can easily redo them in any color.
The Tooth Decay Series - This series was originally called Warped Cleavage. I figured that I always played with my wife's loverly bosom I might give it a go artistically and see what I can come up with. A couple of digital distortions in I renamed the entire project. You will see the top ten selections from this project. I think thou shalt be impressed by my wife's chest.
The Apollo Series - What follows is a bit of what I like to call Artistic Autism. I will get really zoned out with one picture and make continual alterations to that picture and spend hours at it. The next 8 pictures are the end product of some 26 re-rendered copies of one picture. The first 8 were the best of the bunch which had taken a good bit of a day creating. The last 4 were created in 2013.
The 'Play Thing' Series - An exercise in Abstract Artistic Autism. The 'Play Thing' Art series started from scratch as a scribble on a blank Paint Shop Pro canvas.  Unfortunately I do not have the original scribble so we start with the earliest saved version of this work. I chromed the original scribble lines and added a drop shadow before I started filling in the sections.
The 'An Eye' Series - The 'An Eye' Abstract Art series started from experimentation painting in Corel Paint. I came up with the eye first as an accident and was playing with brushes and colors to see what I could come up with. Once this first image was complete I brought it into Paint Shop Pro and played with it though one was done in Photoshop.

Colored Coils - My latest artwork series started from scratch. I tried basically to draw a series of coils spiraling out from a central object. Then I added the central object. I dropped texture into each coil section, chromed the original lines then colorized the whole thing in 4 different shades.
When I was in high school we did a project of spilling bleach on colored construction paper then attacking that with a pen. I won 3rd place in a city wide Art Contest with my project. It was sent to hang at the Children's Museum here in Indianapolis. My mother still has it tho I don't have a copy to post here. A couple of years back I decided to tackle that idea again and came up with some rather cool creations. I wound up making 4 different pieces and am going to make a new section showing those and all the digital alterations they inspired.
Colored Suns - Another artwork series which started from scratch. I lost the black and white drawing of this one. It started from a circle with rays coming out. Then I dropped in large preset shape of a button. And I used the rays for more buttons the marbleized the background.

I will be adding more of these projects in the future so be on the look out.