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NAME: Sarika Mogollón
D.O.B.: 08-15-65
LOC.: Yorkshire, England

Born in the U.K., specifically in Leeds, Yorkshire, to a British mother and Hungarian father, I migrated with family to Canada when I was but 2 years old.

Raised in Canada, my early years were spent summering in Europe either in the U.K. or in Hungary. I amazingly developed a heightened fear of flying or maybe I always had that.

I am mother of Three boys. Moses and Levi Brogden are fraternal twins who were born in 1996, and their little brother Draken Mogollon who was born in late 2005.

I migrated (once more) to America in 2004 and in my quest to garner a multi-citizenship portfolio was married to my online romance JestaPhreak early 2005. We met online playing a first person 'shootem up' called Quake 3. We have moved on to other games since then.

I am employed by a major communications company managing the tech support help desk for a myriad of financial clients. I loves my job and am very good at it.

Along the road of life I've gathered a wealth of life skills Artwork being one of course. I am told I am a profound culinary artist by close friends and fam. I really relish watching peoples faces as they dig in to whatever happens to be on the menu on a given night. I took up writing at my husbands urging and enjoy the writing though I wouldn't claim to be a poet. I'm good computer tech and all around geek of geeks. Not to mention the fact that I rocks at Quake. I was at one time rated to be the number one Rails only Capture The Flag player in the nation. A defense player mostly guarding base and flag under the game name Vippy or Lady V. Apparently I was good enough at the position to become known as 'The V-fence'. My favorite in game quote is stolen from monty python, "None Shall Pass!"

Check out my Art work.


Soon, I hope to be posting some of the new artwork I have been working on. Some of my Second life creations Avatars, Second Life in game photography, and other odds and ends I have created in game. You can see some of my Second life designs at My Second Life Market Place tho none of my Second Life Art is there at the moment.

Don't miss my poetry section either from the menu to the left..

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