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We are three artists and guests:  What we offer here are prints of original art work.  Hope you enjoy.

If you'd like to  buy a print  of any artwork feel free to contact me, or if you are able and would like to donate any amount to a mother/artist/poet, surviving and creating  in these oft struggle filled times; we are always happy to receive support, many thanks and best wishes and may you be inspired to create or keep creating in any medium.  If you do decide to donate, be sure to send me a note, so that i can acknowledge and send thanks!

Pilar Mogollon, a.k.a. Pia, a single mama, is foremost a writer and poet; she is also: a dabbler in many artistic mediums, [digital photography, oil/acrylic painting, collage, decoupage,  clay & mud sculpture],   a dancer, singer,  actor and more.

Andrees Isak Mogollon, a.k.a. Sapo,  is a ten year old budding artist, his specialty is comic book art, and unreal things, he wields the pen upon the paper like a master swordsman, he is partial to fancy black ink, but also dabbles in marker and acrylic paint, pencil black and colored, and brush tip pens.

Neil A. Collins, is an oil painter, sculptor, writer, tattoo artist, welder, fine art construction & remodeling worker, cement worker and just a multi-talented prolific artist, handyman and person.  Neil is an established artist in Tucson, Arizona, and his recent work and upcoming shows can be viewed on his personal webpage:   Studio 23


oil painting, metal sculpture, wire, clay, acrylic paints, spray paints, polyurethane, cigar boxes, decoupage, collage, fine art construction, film, video, theater, screen/playwriting, poetry, autobiography, music, singing, dancing, karaoke. performance art, and much more.

Here are some examples of the work we offer.

'Swirl Beads' donated by JestaPhreak

'purple skirted flowers' macro digital photo by pilar mogollon

Mary Pacios, from linocut print, 'the rowers'

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