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Studio 23 is a conglomeration of Artists

There will be a lot of art added to this gallery but for now we have a few pieces by Neil Collins and the rest were donated to Studio 23 to help us in recovery from having our Chevy Astro (and all earthly possessions stolen while in Berkeley California.) It has been a struggle losing all of our collected art, writings, and art supplies and we are in the process of getting back on our feet.
Be on the look out for pieces from Andrees Izak Mogollon a.k.a. Sapo, as well as Pilar Mo
gollon. Additions will be coming soon.

'a good clean nose' digital photo by pilar mogollon

'Pin Up Girl', Neil A. Collins -from oil on canvas


'p'purple skirted flowers' macro digital photo by pilar mogollon


Mary Pacios, original done by linocut, 'Reconciliation'

'New Flare 2' by JestaPhreak Done in Paint Shop Pro

'New Flare' by JestaPhreak done in Paint Shop Pro

'Swirl Beads' donated by JestaPhreak done in Paint Shop Pro

Mary Pacios, from linocut print, 'the rowers'

'Lupis' donated by Jeanne Mogollon -from Acrylic on Styrofoam

'Icarus' donated by Jeanne Mogollon - from Acrylic on Styrofoam

'Fractal Splat 2' donated by Sarika Mogollon done in Paint Shop Pro

'Rain Chrome 1' donated by Sarika Mogollon Done in Paint Shop Pro

'Birthday cake'-digital photo by pilar mogollon


'Eclectic Sunrise', Neil A. Collins - from watercolor